30 Dec Digital Disruption & Strategy: A State of Alert

The most proven business models in the world today share a transformation digital vision within their structure, people and technology. Winners in the digital age recognize that dealing with digital disruption is not about technology, it is about creating a new customer engagement experience and an entirely new way of doing business. It is a mix of fear and worry that might disrupt their business, and drive them into a new landscape of ambiguity.

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6 Sep The Secret Weapon of Attitude

Many studies have proved the effect of employee work perceptions on the bottom line of organizations. In simple terms, we can assume that perception is reality, since the subjective process of perceiving what is perceived by a specific person is the pure unquestionable reality for this unique creature. Hence, if an employee perceived his salary as unfair, then his salary is unfair, regardless of the salary scale his company has adopted. This may automatically lead to demotivation and frustration in the workplace.

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26 Jul Drone Delivery System: Reinventing Retail

Would you consider to shop with a retailer that offers drone delivery to your doorstep within an hour? Well, according to a report released by Walker Sands Communications, 80% of customers are willing to shop with a retailer that offers drone delivery to their doorstep within an hour, with 77 % of customers identifying that they would be willing to pay for this type of service.

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24 JunTraining and Learning Development: A Necessity through All Economic Cycles

In today's volatile business environment, companies are becoming highly aware of the importance to maintain training, learning and development levels during economic recession. Companies are becoming conscious of the strong correlation between the development of training activities and productivity growth, which leads, therefore, to the rapid increase in outputs.

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